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Instructions and usage of included ControlXR Simcard


Your gateway or barrier is provided with a GSM unit. This allows you to easily access your port or barrier using your phone by calling the GSM unit. If your phone number is listed as a user in the GSM unit database, you can activate the GSM unit by calling the special number. Because the GSM unit works with number recognition, it will not answer the call but will open the gateway or barrier immediately. And because the call is not connected, this feature is free. You do not pay a calling fee.

By providing the GSM unit with this special SIM card, it is not only possible to control access, but also to remotely manage the users and access rights by means of the WebApp ( or PC software.

If you want to implement changes with the PC software to, for example, the number of users or access rights, you can request the variable IP address of the SIM card by text message. The unit will send you a text message1 with its IP address. You enter this IP address in the PC software provided, and you can then communicate directly with the GSM unit from your PC. With the WebApp you only have to login to the unit.

This ControlXR SIM card is active for 1 month, 3 or 6 months* after the first use and is suitable for opening your access, including remote management. After these 3 or 6 months*, you will need a subscription to continue using the GSM unit by means of this SIM card.

1 This ControlXR SIM card has sufficient data to send a text every day for 1 month, 3 or 6 months*.

Continuation of SIM card

Your installer has delivered the GSM unit and placed it into operation. From this date, the ControlXR SIM card can be used and will remain valid for 1 month, 3 or 6 months*. If you wish to continue using the SIM card after this period, you must activate it by means of the order form below. If the SIM card is not reactivated within 1 month, 3 or 6 months*, the SIM card placed in the GSM unit will no longer function. The gateway or barrier can then no longer be opened with the GSM unit.

This ControlXR SIM card is suitable for machine-to-machine communication and provides data, number recognition, SMS and a dynamic IP address. When you activate the SIM card via the order form, you enter into a contract with ControlXR and will receive invoices from ControlXR.

The phone number with which you can open the gateway or barrier can be found on the SIM card holder. This phone number starts with (+31) 097.

We strive to activate the ControlXR SIM card on workdays within 24 hours after receipt of the order form. Subscription invoicing does not start earlier than 1 month, 3 or 6 months* after the placement into service of the gateway or barrier with the GSM unit, so only after the validity of this ControlXR SIM card has expired.


The costs to continue using the ControlXR SIM card after the initial starting period are:

  • one-time € 5,00 excluding VAT
  • monthly € 4,75 excluding VAT


You can activate the ControlXR SIM card via the order form below.
After receipt of the form, ControlXR handles activation of the SIM card.

If you do not wish to use the ControlXR SIM card after the first period, for example, if you choose a SIM card from another provider (note: not a prepaid card), you can destroy the ControlXR SIM card. Naturally, we cannot provide any guarantees - or support - for the operation of SIM-cards of third parties.

Contact details

For further information on using the SIM card, please contact ControlXR's service desk at +31 (0)88 - 1222020 or by e-mail via

* depending on the type of ControlXR SIM card that's been supplied to you


Do you allready have a contract and would like to change your details, please see this form.

New / Additional SIM cards

When you need (extra) SIM cards for your XR modules, they can be ordered by

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